IRA SecretsWhat secret has your banker, insurance agent or stockbroker been keeping from you for the last 40 years? That's right, it has been that long since the IRA tax law went into effect way back in 1974.

      Our Century IRA program rescues IRA money from low interest bank CD's, high commission annuities, gold you can't see and touch, and stock brokers who keep losing money for you.

      And tells you how to defer income tax for up to 100 years on IRA funds, through multi generations of heirs! All by making YOU the one in charge of your own self directed IRA invested in "investment grade" Real Estate products.

It May Be Time to Let Your Financial Advisor Go

      It may be time you fire the advisors who are just "hanging" on you and sticking you into endless loops of the same old products that frankly, may be just a little boring after all these years. With real estate residing in the middle of the investment pyramid many financial planners show you, is your financial advisor using physical real estate to truly diversify your portfolio?  I doubt it...

      Perhaps you are just tired of generating fees and commissions for them that just erodes your performance all the more when annual net gains are calculated. (or loss's)  For some poor investment advisors out there, you might be helping pay their bills while making little or no money yourself after all fees, commissions, and expense deductions come out of YOUR principal balance each year.

Not Everyone Is Cut Out To Manage Their Own Money

      Or conversely, you fired the broker and tried one of those "do it yourself" get rich programs crammed down your throat in a high pressure hotel room presentation that promised tons of free crap just for coming.  But, a year later, you find your $3,000+ in fees you paid out plus your capital loss's gave you a $15,000 tax write off that you have to wait 5 years just to deduct it on your tax return each year.  (For those that this applies to, I hope you didn't quit your day job)

      As a practicing professional accountant, tax preparer and consultant -- I see mostly failure in ALL of those get rich quick schemes tax clients bought when their guard went down due to visions of grander painted in their minds during these meetings. One thing is for sure - ONLY the promoters make 100% profits each year on selling you the goods and services they were hawking.

But You Can Get "Tax Smart" By Using A Realtor Who Knows His Stuff    

      I introduce here, a smart money concept that will make you tax smart about an option all your advisors in the past have done everything possible to hide from you or were just simple uneducated or uniformed, or worse -- could care less --  to know this option even existed.

      The truth revealed is that ANYBODY can invest in real estate with their own retirement funds and plans. You don't need your banker, insurance agent or stockbroker to help you.  Not if you REGISTER to find out exactly how a self directed IRA works.  (you don't need them anymore)  And discover how you can move your current funds (and inherited retirement funds) over to this exciting option and be up and running in just a few weeks.

Cash Is, Has Always Been, and Will Always Be KING In Real Estate

      Then you can  go shopping with "cash" for investment grade real estate.  Buying with your own IRA cash is going to give you a distinct advantage in allowing you to compete and beat "financed" offers others will make on a particular property. And, you can close in 7-10 days since cash is and remains "KING".

      Since there is government talk about taking over your 401-k or 403-B plan at work as well as your privately owned IRA accounts, because they think they can manage your money better than you -- many large retirement plan owners are looking for an alternative.  After registration, I reveal a way to protect your IRA money against this possible confiscation of your large IRA type account. It is a a "shoot one foot to save the other" strategy, but well worth knowing about if you go ahead and invest in your first self directed IRA account using real estate.

But Don't Delay - Someone Wants To Take Your IRA Account

Were you aware of the talk to steal your retirement money and issue you a low guaranteed rate of return backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government?

      Some experts don't think the "full faith and credit" guarantee of the government is a sure thing anymore, especially withUncle Sam Has Free Baskets government rating bureaus reducing ratings.  Standard and Poor just reviewed the U.S. credit rating and found -- the government is not ready for an upgrade back to the AAA credit rating they used to have for so many decades)

      And, because U.S. debt has surpassed a level that could ever be paid off, the day of reckoning may not be far away. Sticking your large IRA money into the land and real estate is a long term wealth preservation move, to avoid a huge devaluation that could take place on your present paper dollar IRA accounts.

      Since no measures are in place to keep the U.S. debt from doubling again and again like it already has the past few years, the odds of a failure or absolute blowing up of our entire monetary system has never been greater in the history of the country. Are things going to hell in a hand basket?  Who knows.  I am just a messenger.  But they could be...

           If you have a large IRA type retirement account or still have a large retirement plan at work, perhaps you have been having that little pit in the stomach feeling lately.  I'm talking about your own awareness of the clouds of doubt hanging over our country and what will happen next.

      I can't predict the future and am not in the crystal ball business, but I do sense the direction we are going will have a point of impact on all of us who own paper dollar type investments.  So many are concerned about buying gold or silver bullion or coins to diversify their money holdings.  My feeling is that they have a place in your investment portfolio, but only in a small percentage. Read more about some that get the Hard Asset Blues that gives a good perspective on buying precious metals.

      The experts say a much higher percentage belongs in owned, physical real estate. In order to buy real estate direct -- any real estate parcel you want in the world by the way -- you are going to need a self directed IRA account first to get it started.  And, a tax smart Realtor to consult with first so you can be properly directed down the right path. 

You Have To Avoid The Mistakes Others Make With SDIRA Accounts

      To avoid common mistakes and errors others easily make trying to do it all on their own, you just need a coach to guide you. Someone who knows retirement plans inside and out, not just real estate.

      One such error is to let yourself be convinced you need a checkbook with a self directed IRA account.  By registering for the main web content, all free and with no obligation, you can read about this option and why MOST shouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole! 

      You can learn about all the specific rules and rewards for those that venture out of the static "norm" with their retirement money account, especially if you are looking for a manageable "hard asset" such as owned physical real estate. 

      If you now have real estate investment trusts (REITS), or mutual funds tied to real estate, congratulations.  You have already experienced nice gains holding paper type securities invested indirectly in real estate.  I can't legally tell you to sell them and invest in actual real estate parcels and projects, as only a registered investment advisor can legally do that. 

      But I can warn you that ALL paper investments represented by owned "shares" will shoot down in value if a sudden devaluation took place in our currency.

   M.D. Anderson  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to set a self directed IRA account up.  Just a Tax Smart Realtor who is nationally known and quoted often as an expert in retirement and estate planning. So, please register to get a free "in service" 401-k review, or an IRA analysis of available funds by my financial planning firm.

     And learn more why many are looking for the exit signs at their bank, insurance, or brokerage firms regarding their larger IRA type accounts. You will find exactly what you are looking for in my turn key self--directed consulting service. You won't find anyone else in the United States with my knowledge and experience, ready to serve your needs as a professional Realtor.


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